4444 Unique NFTs Living on the ETH Blockchain

The year is 2066. Our world and society is governed by wealth and has moved over to the Metaverse. Only the rich will survive. The Richie’s are a collection of handcrafted NFTs that create our community, the Rich Gang. Get rich or die trying. This is their story.

“History is written by the rich, and so the poor get blamed for everything.” ― Jeffrey Sachs

Who Is Richie?

Richie is the only child of fantastically wealthy parents and is the world’s richest kid. Richie took his fiat currency and invested in ETH back at $100 a pop, now he is short on SOL (Solano), he took the risk and gained extraordinary wealth. Richie decided to immortalize himself in the blockchain and has hidden money in the Metaverse. A total of 5 ETH has been hidden in the blockchain for the newly minted Riches to find. Now it’s up to you to join us and find the treasure.

Take the risk or lose the chance.

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Our Team

When designing NFTs, our team holds the quality of the artwork as the number one priority. Our artist has handcrafted every single asset, putting in love, sweat, tears and countless hours over several weeks to make sure that the quality is worthy of being immortalized on the blockchain

David S.

CEO & Crypto Tax Accountant

Adeel Javed

Lead Blockchain Developer

Stephan M.

Artist & Creative Director


Download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome. Buy Ethereum (ETH) on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, PayPal, etc and send it to your Metamask ETH Wallet Public Address with an ERC20 transfer. Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website by clicking on the Chrome extension icon at the top-right of the browser (it looks like a Fox) while on our website. Click “Buy Now” on our website and approve the transaction on Metamask.

Richies will be available for purchase on our website through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Richie Rich will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and Opensea account.

Each Richie is designed from scratch with dozens of attributes from common to rare, to extremely rare. All the attributes were hand picked and designed by our highly accredited US based artist.

The future of the Richies lies in the hands of the community and it’s respective owners. Our staff team is working 24/7 to ensure a bright future for the Richies. We are proud to support the community in anyway we can. We are all in this together. So excited for the opportunity to share a project the team is so passionate about with the entire NFT community. Take the risk or lose the chance. 

0.1 ETH + gas (no bonding curve or FOMO pricing). The Richies are all hand crafted and designed by our US based artist. The artist’s physical art works selling for as much as $1,000 USD daily on auctions in addition to commissioned pieces. Quality over quantity.

Special Offers


Each of 5 lucky giveaway winners will receive 1 ETH, for a total of 5 ETH giveaway!

Support the Cause

$15,000+ charity fund will be established at sell out to support causes close the community!

Tesla Model 3

Giveaway once 100% of Richie’s are sold out!

Exclusive Parties

Richie owners will have exclusive access to the official Richie Rich parties being hosted in NYC and Miami upon selling out!🎉 In person and virtual!

Roadmap - Under Promise & Over Deliver.

The Richies public sale will take place on our website at a date & time to be announced within the next week.
The pre-sale will take place 2 days before the mint release. 3 Richie NFT's will be airdropped to 3 lucky winners in the community giveaway.
Once the pre-sale is sold out, 5 lucky winners who entered our pre-sale giveaway will receive 1 ETH each, you read that right folks! 1 ETH is going to 5 different winners.
You own the commercial rights to your Richie for as long as you retain ownership.​
When 25% of the Richies sell out, we’ll establish the Richie’s discord muscle, which will include a gang of community managers and moderators to police the streets alongside the devs. We really appreciate the community feedback and support, and thank you all for holding it down here in the meantime.​
When 50% of the Richies sell out, 2 Richies will randomly be airdropped to 2 of the first 2222 owners, and 1 Richie to 2 active members in the discord and twitter community.​
When 100% of The Richies sell out, we will have a 5 ETH giveaway open to those who have minted a Richie. 5 lucky winners will receive 1 ETH each. This will be open to the entire community as well as holders of Richies. Those who hold a Richie will be automatically entered into the raffle giveaway.​
Upon selling out, each Richie holder will be automatically entered into a raffle for a gorgeous Tesla Model 3 giveaway! Winner can choose between Tesla or ETH! If you are outside the US, you will receive a Rolex + ETH.
A $15,000 USD donation fund will be setup. The Richie community will decide which charity the money goes to. Supporting causes such as the environment, animal shelters, mental health, St. Judes Hospital, amongst others! Our mission with The Richies is to bring together, authentic comer a community & fam, all while making a change in the world​
2 weeks from our sell out date, holders of The Richies as well as hand picked active members of our discord/twitter community will have a chance to attend an exclusive Richie party in Miami, Florida. 4 weeks after sell out date, we will host another exclusive party, this time in NYC. Food and champagne for all! The party and event space is entirely free and paid for by the Richie staff team. A virtual party will also be held for those who cannot make it.
We will establish a liquidity pool and seed it in order to help continue stabilizing the price of each and every Richie NFT. The plan is to have this assembled within 1 week of all the Richies selling out. Building out the longevity and community is our top priority. #DiamondHands #HODL
Each Richie will give you a pass to attend virtual meetups and a dedicated chatroom with prominent business speakers. We will be discussing entrepreneurship, wealth management, startups and small businesses as a whole. We are all about empowering our community and giving everyone a chance to shine. Exclusive opportunities will be posted within the community as well as stock and crypto alerts. An investment into your future.
A merch line will be set up for the community, by the community. Everyone will have a say in what merch they are looking to see! Whether it’s hats, beanies, hoodies, or t-shirts. We cannot wait to see how all of you are rocking The Richies merch!​
After completing most of the roadmap, we will begin development on a virtual interactive game in the metaverse that will provide further utility to all Richie holders. Our developers will begin work immediately after selling out and getting through each step of the roadmap.
There’s a lot being discussed regarding potential developments, amazing ideas and suggestions that community members have reached out to us about. We want to do our best to accommodate everyone and provide authentic utility to the project. Under promise and over deliver. It would be unfair for us to hype things that are not 100% confirmed. Our community is all about authenticity. Our staff team, developers, and artist are working around the clock to ensure a smooth launch and bright future for The Richies NFT Project 1.0. With the community’s support, Richie is going to the moon! We hope you are as passionate about the project as we all are.​